Psychotherapy in English for adults!

After living almost two and a half years abroad (eight months in the US and almost two years in Australia), Dipl.-Psych. Stephanie Hild-Steimecke is fluent in English. Therefore, she also wants to offer psychotherapy to English (native) speakers living in Birstein and surroundings.


She works psychodynamically, which means that her patients usually have an acute problem, often symptoms that can be subsumed under, one or more, so called mental disorder(s). To find a solution for it she includes everyday problems in the sessions, but also trys to find the root of it, which often lies in the past. Her technique includes conscious and unconscious processes that influence feelings, behavior, thinking as well as relationships.

She is allowed to treat patients paying privately or by private insurances, as well as those that are insured by a German public health insurance in her practice in Birstein. If you are unsure whether your insurance will pay for the treatments please contact her for further information.


The treatment options include:

  • single consultation hours with the purpose of diagnostics and/or getting acquainted (3 to 5 sessions, each lasting 50 minutes)
  • psychodynamic short-time therapy (up to 24 sessions, each lasting 50 minutes)
  • psychodynamic long-term therapy (usually 50-60, sessions, each lasting 50 minutes)
  • psychological diagnostics to indicate possible mental disorders (for example personality disorders or ADHD)

Therapeutic sessions are usually held weekly during the intense treatment stage. Brakes for vacations or rehabilitation programs can be agreed upon.


She is specialized in treating the following disorders:

  • depression
  • burn-out
  • exhaustion syndromes
  • anxiety disorders
  • adjustment disorders
  • personality disorders
  • sleeping disorders
  • acute stress disorders
  • „psychosomatic“ disorders (i.e. somatic symptoms, that can’t be entirely explained by physical or biological explanations)
  • relationship and family troubles


I look forward to hear from you!